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CanadaStartups / is an organization started to help support small business owners and entrepreneurs who are in the phase of starting and/or launching their small business. We believe we have the necessary tools and resources to help you (the small business owners) make your dreams come true.

With a simple and effective formula of starting and following a step by step process, though CanadaStartups you will be able to launch your business in 30 days or less.
The .org domain name represents an organization, which CanadaStartups currently is. is an organization developer to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs start and/or launch their business venture. provides it's primary service to small business owners and entrepreneurs as a Small Business Assistance and Startup Database. Within this database, multiple products and services are offered (to registered members) which help assist you in the three stages of your business (Planning, Starting and Funding).

Aids such as a Business Plan Tool will help assist you when you are writing your own business plan. A PitchDeck Tool will help you prepare a business presentation for potential investors. And a Funding Database will provide you access to hundreds of funding programs (private and government) as well as a dedicated crowdfunding campaign to help get you started.

Rest assured that the all inclusive service offered here at will give you all of the necessary guidance, resources and tools you may need to get your business through the 3 major steps of business launch.

The current cost of the all inclusive service is $197.00 provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with the guidance, resources and tools necessarily for successful business startup and launch. By using the multiple tools provided by us, as a small business owner or entrepreneur you would be able to go step by step and start your business from scratch and all the way to the funding and launch stage.

On top of all that, our experts also review your business plan, your investor pitch and are there to consult with you throughout the entire process if you need it.

The true way we help is by providing you with the necessary tools and guidance needed without wasting time and resources trying to figure out how.
The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with would be to call us at 1-800-288-9691 (toll free) or by completing any of the information request forms found all over our website, or the contact us page.

About the Services provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with a Small Business Startup Database. Within this database, as a startup you will be given the guidance, tools and resources needed to plan, start and launch our small business in Canada. The database comes pre-packed with tools such as the Business Plan Builder, Investor PitchDeck, the Funding Program Database and much more for you to use and enjoy.
If you've attempted to plan, start or launch a business in the past you know how difficult it is. Trying to start a small business doesn't mean that you know much about business, or that you have the time to research and get familiar with all of the business knowledge. You may know your industry and your type of business, but the process of starting a business might be a whole new playing field for you. This type of process is best left to the professionals to help guide you through.

With, you are in-fact given the guidance, the tools and the resources needed to successfully go from the planning stage, to the funding stage, to a successful startup and launch - one step at a time.
Once you are a registered member with you will be given access to the Small Business Startup Database. Within this database you will be provided with step by step instructions on planning, starting and launching your small business. You will also have access to a Business Plan Builder, the Investor PitchDeck and the Funding Database which you can use to better the chances of your business success. Upon completion of the required work to start your business, you will be given access to a consultant who can review your business plan, your investor pitch and suggest additional helpful tips to aid your business launch.
The costs of registering with are just $197.00. This is a one time non-refundable fee charged as an administrative fee, as well as a consulting fee.

No other costs are associated with the service, unless you use our CrowdFunding campaigns which do charge a 1% fee if you reach your funding goal. Feel free to contact us regarding this to find out more details. does not require you to have a business before you register with us. Our service aims to help you start a business. However, if you do have a pre-registered or pre-existing small business, you can still use our services (some steps may not apply to you).

We do however recommend that you conduct research prior to becoming registered with to help speed up your business startup process.

About Your Business provides you with the guidance, the tools and the resources needed for you to plan, start and launch your business. Additional help is available such as consulting upon request. However no work on our behalf will be provided in terms of writing your business plan, researching your business, registering your business..etc is here to help guide you through the right steps of starting your own business, however you will still need to go to a business registration office or government website to register your business.

Please note that we do provide you with helpful resources which can assist you in selecting the best type of business registration.
Success in business is very difficult. Nobody can guarantee you with this. Our service is offered to help guide you in the right direction of planning, starting and launching your small business in Canada.

Having a step by step guide to follow when starting your business is proven to help small business owners succeed versus not having a plan at all.
Depending on the type of business you are in, the amount of research you've done already or need to do, we aim to help you start your small business within 30 days. However some business owners can take up to a year, while others are able to do it in just a few weeks. The amount of time needed really depends on you.
Every business is unique. We at have complied all of the knowledge we can think of into a step by step guide to help you start your small business. From the planning phase, to the startup, to the funding and launch stage - we have the guidance, the tools and the resources necessary to help you get there.

Depending on the type of business or industry you are in, there may be other things you may need which may not have. However we are here to help assist you if required.

Planning a Business

Different people will say different things when it comes to starting a business. However we at believe that one of the first steps when it comes to starting a new business is to have a business plan in place.

A business plan is the road map to success for your small business. It is to show the business function on paper.

A well developed business plan should be all you need when it comes to starting your business. uses the same logic when it comes to the service we offer. Everything is based around having a step by step process to follow.
A business plan is not a requirement. However, a business plan is a tool which helps you build your business. Many successful business owners have stated that following a plan, or having a business plan has helped them a great deal succeed in business than those without one.
A business plan also is very useful when trying to apply for financing from the banks or the government, looking for potential investors or even searching for business partners.
In order to start with a business plan is not required, however you will have one completed step by step though our service using the Business Plan Builder Tool.
If not you, than who?

Research plays a huge role in the success of your business. Without research, you really don't know where you stand when it comes to planning, starting or launching.

Research for your business does not mean spending thousands of hours of researching every single little details (over researching), but instead spend time researching the required information which you can place into your business plan. This basic information is the key components which determine early on whether you should proceed with the business, or not.
The business planning process can take as long as you need, or as little as you need. it is important to research and plan your key components in order for you as a small business owner to be comfortable enough about your business idea that you are able to move forward. We often recommend you complete your business plan. Once that step is completed, you are completed the process of business planning. provides small business owners with a database of resources and tools which can aid you in your business planning, startup and launch process. The main tool which we have in terms of planning is the Business Plan Builder Tool. With this tool, you are able to construct your very own business plan, by simply answering pre-template questions.

On top of the tool, we also provide you with resources such as articles, links, how to guides, templates as well as a step by step process of completing your own business plan.

Near the end of the business plan process, we also provide you with a business plan review service.

Starting and Launching a Business

Once you have a business plan in place, your next step is start working towards launching your small business. However before you do this, you need to review your business plan and ensure you didn't miss something.

it is recommended to share your business plan with family or friends, to get a different perspective on the idea. You never know, they may see something you don't.
After completing your business plan, you have to follow the proper channels of starting a business. Did you register your business? Do you have the licences or permits you may need? Do you know Where your location will be? Do you have employees? Do you have a website? Do you have the capital to start? Answer these questions, and refer to our site for additional resources on knowing when its time to launch.
Failure is a part of business startup. Many businesses fail, that is just the simple truth. Sometimes businesses fail due to the wrong idea, lack of capital, inexperience of people, sometimes they fail because of the market or industry and other times they fail because you lack a proper plan. No matter the reason, you need to know what to do next in case you do fail.

In case you fail right away, you've already done so much work that unless it's a total disaster a lot of the work can be salvaged and re-used after you make some changes and modifications to your business, or idea, or whatever the reason is you failed.

Basically, don't give up and try again.
Starting a business is a long process. aims to help small business owners and entrepreneurs start within 30 days. Some take more time, some take less. Whatever your situation is, following the step by step process outlined in the Small Business Startup Database offered by will get you there within 30 days. strives to help you start your business within 30 days. Our entire service in fact is based on helping you do so. The Small Business Startup Database provides you with all of the necessary guidance, tools and resources you need to plan, start, obtain funding and launch your small business.

Tools such as the Business Plan Builder Tool, the Investor PitchDeck, the Funding Database and the CrowdFunding Platform are all great assets which you can use to help you launch your small business.

Financing and Funding

Do you need financing or funding? No.

But you do need capital to plan, start and launch your business.

Unless you have the capital to do that, and to maintain your operation you most likely will need to apply for financing or funding.

Financing or funding doesn't always mean the banks. With we provide you with details on how to obtain money from personal methods, from the banks, from the Canadian government and even private investors.
There are many sources of financing and funding available. Finding them is the tricky part. With you are given access to the Funding Database which includes a large number of funding programs offered by the Canadian government as well as many private funding programs, angel investors and much more. does not provide funding to anyone. We simply provide you with access to funding programs offered by private investors, the government of Canada and show you multiple ways to obtain money for your business needs.

Funding is not guaranteed, and nobody can guarantee you funding. However the more you know, the more your chances increase of actually getting funded.
If you are to find the right funding programs, investors or source that is willing to provide you with the capital needed/requested, it may take anywhere form "instant", to a few months. Depending on the source of the funding, the terms would be set by the investor/program and yourself. Just remember to plan ahead and not wait till last minute to try to obtain funding. provides its member with access to the Funding Database. This database contains multiple sources of funding programs where a small business owner would be able to research, apply and hopefully obtain funding. The database contains private funding offers such as ones from banks, angel investors, private lenders and venture capitalists. On top of the private offers, the database contains government of Canada programs as well, which come in the form of grants, loans, tax breaks and assistance.

To top it all off also provides each member with their very own CrowdFunding Platform to use to try and obtain funding on their own using the crowdfunding method.

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