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The Startup Portal

Develop your idea, plan your business, find funding and launch - all in once place. The Startup Portal contains all the tools, resources and references entrepreneurs need to transform an idea, into a successful business.  Learn about permits and licences; create balance sheets and profit-loss analyses; and find government funding programs for small businesses in your province and industry....all this from one easy to use platform. 

Follow the Guide
Use the step-by-step guide to follow along with what successful entrepreneurs do to accomplish their business goals. From idea to launch and everything in between, it's a simplified guide detailing exactly what to do to get your business started.

Develop A Plan
Take the stress out of developing and paying for a business plan. Use the Plan Builder Tool to create your own in no time; just fill in the blanks. This interactive tool crunches numbers and puts together a professional plan for your startup business.

Find Funding
Gain access to 312 government grants, 147 loans, and 232 assistance programs; as well as 862 private funding sources. Find out how much your small business may be eligible for, access application forms and apply for funding today.

The Business Plan Builder

Create a professional business plan in just a few clicks.

One of the most critical steps to ensuring your business' success, is developing a convincing business plan that includes market research, a growth plan and financial statements. Your business plan will allow you to plot out the evolution of your business and how exactly you will accomplish all the goals you've laid out. It's literally a map to your success.

Without a background in accounting, a business plan can be difficult to put together. While hiring the help of a professional might seem like your best bet, this can be  costly and may not garner the results you seek. No one understands your business and its potential better than you. The interactive tool simplifies the plan writing process so that you can use your special insight into the ins and outs of your business, to develop a professional plan just by answering a few questions and filling in the blanks. The result is a convincing plan complete with financial statements that is sure to impress even the most skeptical investors. 

Don't wait, try the interactive Business Plan Builder today!

Investor PitchDeck

Make a lasting impression to potential investors.

Do you have a hard time explaining your business model? Is it hard for you to get your point across when it comes to explaining your business idea? What if you had to do present to potential investors (banks, private, government)?

The Investor PitchDeck is the successful entrepreneur's secret weapon; a means for you to make a great first impression in under 5 minutes. The PitchDeck Tool creates dynamic, coulourful slide presentations to let you highlight the best aspects of your business, without boring your audience. Our simple templates allow you to customize your presentation and make it your own. In just a few clicks the Investor PitchDeck you will help you to create professional slide presentations and share them with potential investors and customers. 

Create your own Investor PitchDeck now!

The Funding Database

Get the startup funds you need to be launch-ready.

Most entrepreneurs fail before they've even started due to a lack of funding or capital required to get their business started.

Funding - both from the government and private investors - IS available for your business. While there are hundreds of funding programs out there to help small business owners to develop and market their projects, finding these programs is often difficult and time-consuming. Don't make the mistake of using your life's savings to finance your business only to come up short. Use the Funding Database to tap into over 1,500 funding programs including grants, loans, tax credits and angel investors available for Canadian small business owners. 

Use the Funding Database search tool to generate a personalized list of funding programs offered to businesses in your region, your industry and for your particular funding needs. Chances are your business qualifies for dozens of these funding programs. Access program details, qualification criteria, contact details and application forms right from the comfort of your home. 

Start your funding search now!

1,500+ Business Templates

Avoid the expensive accountants, lawyers and over the top fees

Your membership to the Startup Portal allows you to access over 1,500 professional business documents and templates; from Invoices & Payroll to Legal & Real Estate. Put together polished business documents of all types using customizable letters, and bypass the pricey professionals when you need simple forms and templates for your small business.

Simply browse the available documents (organized by category, like 'Accounting', 'Human Resources', 'Operations & Logistics' and 'Sales & Marketing'), click to edit and print!  With over 1,500 documents and more being added regularly, you sure to find all the forms and templates you need when just starting your new business. 

Browse 1,500+ Business Document templates now!

And many other tools and resources for Small Business...

See what our customers have to say about the Startup Portal...

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"It's very tough for new tech companies to start-up without much capital, but with your business startup tools and funding directory we were able to accomplish both in little over a month." ManuTek Developers Toronto, ON
"Using the tools & resources provided by CanadaStartups, we were able to launch our business no problem. No need to hire expensive accountants, lawyers or professionals to get it all done." Visionary Home Builders Hamilton, ON
"To make my dream a reality I needed a business plan, a way to get funding and really I needed guidance without spending a fortune. Canada Startups did exactly that for me in no time." Meet Daisy Flower Boutique Regina, SK
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