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    Do you know how much funding your small business in Canada may be eligible for?

    Get Your Small Business In Canada Funded!

    There are currently over 1,500 different government funding and private funding sources available for small business owners across Canada to choose from. Government grants, loans, tax breaks and private investors are some of the available funding program types. Can your business benefit from getting funding?

    Access the Funding Database

    Access the Database

    Access the Funding Database to browse 1,500 sources of available funding for your small business. From grants, loans, tax breaks to private investors. See what may be available for your small business.

    Search Available Funding

    Search For Funding

    Get the most up to date information on available funding programs and investors. Search what's available in your location, your industry and for the exact funding needs you have.

    Apply and Get Funded

    Apply and Get Funded

    When you find the right funding option for your business, you can benefit from our Personalized Funding Search Report and Application Review Service before you send in your funding applications!

    How the Funding Database works!

    As a registered member of the Small Business Startup Portal, you have unlimited access to our Funding Database where you will find all available government funding and private investment programs listed. In a few easy steps you may be able to find funding programs for your small business.

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    Search for Funding in your Province

    Each province has it's own funding programs and investors. In our Funding Database you have access to all available sources from with your own province for funding close to home.


    Search for Funding in your Industry

    Be more specific in your funding search and only find funding programs and investors available for your specific industry. Perhaps your business fits into multiple industries for greater odds?

    Search for Funding by your Needs

    Locate additional funding sources for your exact funding needs. Whether you need funding to hire and train staff, to purchase tools/equipment or to improve cash flow, you can find it in our Funding Database.

    Most Recent Funding Success Stories

    Hiring grant for cleaning company
    $27,900 Government Grant To Hire Staff
    Hamilton, Ontario
    "Take advantage of the government grants for hiring and hire the staff to help. You pay into takes each year so take advantage and benefit from the funding available" - Read my story
    government funding for painting company
    $19,500 Government Funding for a Painting Company in Ontario
    Oakville, ON
    "Get your business plan done as the first step. Be sure that your plan clearly outlines your funding needs and your plan for success. Then apply for funding." - Read my story
    startup gets funding
    $17,300 Government Loan To Help Business Startup
    Ottawa, ON
    "Funding is available but you have to know where to look, you have to have a business plan and if you have a proven model this is your best tool to use to get you the funding." - Read my story
    construction company gets funding
    $92,300 in Government Funding for Construction Company
    Hamilton, ON
    "Well all I can say is if you need funding, look for it. Be active and proactive about it. Don't just sit on the idea that you need it but go and do it." - Read my story
    Daycare gets funding
    $24,500 Government Funding For Daycare Facility
    Edmonton, AB
    "Having knowledge in your industry is what will keep you motivated, and having expert guidance along the way doesn't hurt one bit. We benefited from government funding greatly and it's all thanks to" - Read my story
    junk removal company
    $76,750 Government Funding For Junk Removal Company
    Saskatoon, SK
    "Your business plan is very important to the success of your business. Everyone looks at this! Be sure to have your idea on paper and to show how you will make money." - Read my story
    2018 government funding barter system business
    2018 Government Funding Success Story Interview
    Vancouver, BC
    "A business plan is the key to a successful business as well as the way to get government funding." - Read my story

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