Small Business Video Training

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Over 80% of small businesses fail within the first year.  Avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes and get educated on the various components via our startup training videos.

In our video series, you will learn more about:

  • How to start a business in Canada / and if it’s right for you
  • Important business planning steps
  • How to evaluate your business ideas via financial projections
  • How to present your idea to investors/lenders
  • How to access government funding for your business

All about small business ownership

In this video series, we will be discussing various things related to small business ownership. From determining if you are ready to be a business owner to a few ideas that you can consider, uncovering some of the costs to start up or to run the business, and seeing all that you will need to be successful; be sure to check each video start to finish and share your comments with the experts at Canada Startups if you have any further questions.

Are you ready to be a business owner in Canada?

Business ownership requires time, patience and money. Take a minute to see if you have what it takes to start your own small business in Canada.

Types of small business ideas to start in Canada

Picking a good business idea in Canada can be challenging. Here are some ideas that can simplify your launch into the entrepreneurial world.

Costs to start a small business in Canada

As you plan to start a small business in Canada, you will notice that there are a lot of startup and operating costs to consider. See them here.

Starting a small business for under $1,000

Having money can kick-start your small business startup. But, do you think it's possible to start with just under a $1,000? Take a look here.

What you need to start a small business in Canada

When starting up, there are a lot of things to consider. Especially if you re first time entrepreneur. Take a look at some of these crucial components.

Business Planning and Process

If you have taken the time to review the above videos in the series, discussing all about starting a business in Canada, the next step is to get you thinking about the business plan process. A business plan is a crucial step, be sure to watch the below videos as we will discuss the critical components needed to ensure your plan is properly set up and geared towards success, but also see tips to get this going for you via the methods we share.

Why your business plan is the #1 crucial step when starting up

A business plan is a roadmap to your success as you start your business. Here are some more convincing reasons as to why you should have one made.

What components to include in your business plan

There are many ways to put together a business plan. However, the proper steps to ensure your success is to follow these crucial components.

Ready to start your own business plan?

Use the Business Plan Tool with expert step by step guidance.

Tips for making a great business plan

There are a ton of tips out there to help you with your business plan. Have a look at some of our top strategies and tips to ensure your success.

Can you start a business with no business plan?

A business plan is not mandatory - but without a plan, chances are you are more likely to fail. A business plan should at all times be considered.

Different ways to create a business plan

Plenty of ways to get a proper business plan done as you start your business. Have a look at some of the options that we recommend to get you started.

Pitching and Presenting

When you are pitching your business idea to potential investors, lenders, or funding agencies, you may only have a few minutes to capture their attention. A PitchDeck presentation is a key way to go about it in order to maximize your potential through a visually appealing process. Follow the below videos to see why having a PitchDeck will be so helpful in your business startup process, and see the different components to include and what to avoid!

Why a PitchDeck Presentation is helpful to have

When you're presenting your business idea to potential investors, you have minutes to impress them. No better way than a PitchDeck presentation.

Components of a PitchDeck Presentation

There is the right way to prepare your PitchDeck presentation and the wrong way. Here are the components you need to succeed.

Your Financials

Planning your business is hard work. Your financial statements can help you prepare, as well, determine some of the unexpected situations that may arise. Ultimately, your should have financial statements prepared for your business in order to forecast what your business may be like in the future. To help you with this, the video series below will go in detail as to why your financials are so important, how to estimate your revenues, determine your expenses and go into discussing some of the hidden costs of business ownership.

Why financial statements are so important for startups

Your financial statements within your business plan paint a picture of your business performance, history as well as the future potential.

How to project your sales/revenue figures as a small business

Knowing how to forecast your sales figures can go a long way in your business planning process. It will also prepare you for what's coming.

How to project or forecast your small business expenses

Everything in business costs. Here are ways to properly project or forecast your small business expenses in order to plan your business effectively.

Hidden costs of starting a small business in Canada

As you start your business in Canada, you may quickly realize there are multiple hidden costs that you have to consider. See and plan for them here.


If your goals are to raise funding for your business to cover some of the expenses your business may incur, it is a good idea to watch the below video series and understand how the Canadian government can be of help. There are over 1,500 government funding options, including grants, government loans, tax breaks, and other options, all aimed at helping you as a business owner succeed. Follow the next videos to learn about the different types of options and how to apply . If you are ready to start your own search for funding, consider using the Funding Database.

All about government funding for your business in Canada

The Canadian government has over 1,500 funding options to help you as a small business owner get funding for various expenses. Learn about it here.

Types of government funding options in Canada

There are 3 main groups of government funding options that are available for small business owners in Canada. Learn about them right here.

3 Steps to getting business funding in Canada

If you are ready to get funding for your small business, follow these 3 steps and learn how to access the available grants, loans and tax breaks.

Steps to apply for government funding in Canada

With so many different government funding options to considered as a small business in Canada, be sure to follow these key steps to help you apply.

Ready to find some funding for your business?

Use the Funding Database to see over 1,500 funding options you may be eligible for.