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Why search options within your specific industry?

The Canadian government provides funding based on a number of criteria’s, including covering specific industries. These funds can come from government grants, government loans, tax breaks..etc

There are over 1,500 different government options, narrowing down the business grants, business loans and funding, based on your specific industry, can increase your chances of being matched to an appropriate funding option by as much as 80%.

Now it’s your turn, search for funding options based on your specific industry, via the below categories


Access business grants for crop farming, livestock, aquaculture, horticulture, organic farming, agro-processing, sustainable agriculture and more

Arts and Media

Access business grants and funding for visual, perfuming, literary arts businesses, media production, digital media, advertising, fashion, crafts and more

Construction & Real Estate

Access funding for contracting, development, real estate brokerages, real estate investment, property management and more


Access business grants for retail stores, ecommerce platforms, fashion boutiques, consumer electronics, car dealers, popup shops and more


See all funding options for software development companies, IT providers, Telecom, Social Media and Networking, Cybersecurity, App Development and more


Access funding for all types of businesses, including accommodation, transportation, travel agencies, food and beverage, hospitality, retail and more


See all business grants and funding for hotels, restaurants, resorts, coffee shops, bars, event panning companies, spas and wellness centers, fitness centers and more


Access grants and funding for consumer goods manufacturing, industrial and commercial manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical and more


Access funding options for tricking companies, logistics, tax and car rental services, moving companies, maintenance, repair and relevant support services