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Loan Programs for Canadian Small Business

While a grant is obviously an ideal source of government funding, you have an even greater chance of accessing government programs which provide financing for small businesses through loans. If you've made the rounds of the banks and been shown the door, don't give up yet.

What are the advantages of a Government Loan?

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    Government loans are often better than bank loans. They may be interest-free, or may offer highly competitive rates. (In some cases, your loan may even be considered "non-repayable", which is another way the government says "grant"). Government loans carry additional advantages. They're more likely to be unsecured; that is, you don't need to put up collateral against the loan.

    Where do you find Government Loan Programs?

    A number of different funding agencies offer loans. They are not all the same since some are directed at the different industries, different geographical regions, as well as specific loan programs which are aimed to assist women, young entrepreneurs, aboriginals and immigrants.

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    CanadaStartups gives small business owners and entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to make starting a business simple. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding an existing business, the Startup Portal contains valuable resources for every step of the way, from start to launch!

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    Most entrepreneurs fail before they've even started due to a lack of funding or capital required to get their business started.

    Funding - both from the government and private investors - IS available for your business. While there are hundreds of funding programs out there to help small business owners to develop and market their projects, finding these programs is often difficult and time-consuming. Don't make the mistake of using your life's savings to finance your business only to come up short. Use the Funding Database to tap into over 1,500 funding programs including grants, loans, tax credits and angel investors available for Canadian small business owners.

    Use the Funding Database search tool to generate a personalized list of funding programs offered to businesses in your region, your industry and for your particular funding needs. Chances are your business qualifies for dozens of these funding programs. Access program details, qualification criteria, contact details and application forms right from the comfort of your home.

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