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"It's very tough for new tech companies to start-up without much capital, but with your business startup tools and funding directory we were able to accomplish both in little over a month."ManuTek Developers Toronto, ON
"Using the tools & resources provided by CanadaStartups, we were able to launch our business no problem. No need to hire expensive accountants, lawyers or professionals to get it all done."Visionary Home Builders Hamilton, ON
"To make my dream a reality I needed a business plan, a way to get funding and really I needed guidance without spending a fortune. Canada Startups did exactly that for me in no time."Meet Daisy Flower Boutique Regina, SK

What is the Startup Edge?

The Startup Edge is the Small Business Startup Platform which gives you the opportunity to startup your small business with expert tools and resources such as the Step by Step Startup Guide, the Business Plan Builder Tool, Investor PitchDeck and the Funding Database with over $612,676,848 available in potential funding for your small business.



Starting a small business in Canada has never been easier. The startup tools provided with our platform have been developed by experts in the industry in order to provide you, the entrepreneur with the highest chance of success when launching your own small business.  

Learn how to launch your small business, develop your business plan, create the perfect investor presentation and find funding from over 1,500 funding sources.

Follow the Step by Step Startup Guide
Our small business startup guide will take your idea to the next level. Follow the simple plan towards the startup, launch and funding of your small business.

Develop the Perfect Business Plan
Take the stress out of developing or paying for a business plan. Use the Business Plan Builder Tool to create your own in no time with simple fill in the blanks.

Access Available Funding Sources
Gain access to 264 government grant, 147 loan, 231 assistance programs and 862 private funding sources. See how much your small business may be eligible for.

Access the Small Business Startup Platform

Take advantage of the tools and resources the Small Business Startup Platform has to offer.
Step by Step Startup Guide

The expert developed business startup step by step guide will allow you to take your idea to the next level. Following the step by step plan, you never have to think whether you missed something or what to do next.

Investor PitchDeck

Once you have your idea and a business plan, the next step is to take it to potential investors. Whether it is for business partners, banks, private investors or the government , the PitchDeck can help you create glamorous presentations.

Access to Expert Business Consultants

Launching a small business can be difficult. You may get stuck along the way. Do you need some advice, or additional guidance? CanadaStartup Expert Business Consultants are on stand-by, waiting to help answers your small business and funding questions.

Business Plan Builder Tool

A business plan is often the key to any business success. Without having to spend thousands of dollars developing a plan, the Business Plan Builder Tool helps guide you through a fill in the blanks style platform to get your plan completed in no time.

The Funding Database

Money money money. The reason why business succeed and the reason why they fail. Be sure to be on the right track towards success with adequate funding. With over 1,500 funding sources (private and government), nothing stands in your way.

...and much, much more.

What more do you need? CanadaStartups has you covered with all of the tools, resources, documents and everything you actually need to launch, startup, fund and promote your small business in Canada. Don't hesitate to get started, become a member now.

Access the Small Business Startup Platform

Take advantage of the tools and resources the Small Business Startup Platform has to offer.


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